Bryant X. Phelps

Prior to the pandemic, Church of the Disciple launched a comprehensive ministry campaign to address the challenges keeping us from achieving vitality and becoming our best selves. We embarked on a new vision and began an intense journey highlighting our lives together. As with all plans, the Lord may have another. The pandemic upended some of the goals presenting us with new challenges. During that time, our systems were streamlined, community building was thwarted and the pipes burst. However, we all know that all things work together! During this time, our challenges became opportunities and ministry lay bare before us! WE ARE ALL HERE, TOGETHER! Now, It Is Time to do LIFE TOGETHER

Our mission remains the same. We are the “center of life for believers, a resource for the community, and a beacon of hope for those without community or love.” In this new season, Life Together is about developing and strengthening our discipleship, creating new opportunities, and strengthening our financial integrity for greater community impact. We aim to gather people and spread hope through lifting, learning, leading, and loving as we walk alongside the Lord.

Over the summer, the leadership along with the church community, approved the renaming of the church to officially become Life Center United Methodist Church. We believe you cannot do life alone and what better place to find your community, your strength, and hope than here at church? We believe you are a visitor once and the next time you’re family. The name change just made sense.

Over the next year, you will start seeing some changes to our physical space, signage, our logo, website, and social media accounts. We will still maintain our presence in the community with our annual events, but you will see more ministry events to meet our LIFE goals.

It will take us a while to get used to calling ourselves Life Center UMC of DeSoto, Texas, but this is who we are. If you have any questions, we have talked through these changes with our Impact Development Team, so please talk to them. If you have further questions about these changes, please talk with me or with our elders.


Bryant X Phelps

Senior Pastor, Life Center United Methodist Church